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2016 March 3-7 at Hong Kong International Jewellery Show HKCEC

New ready to wear 18karat gold jade jewellery will be on show at Designer Galleria 1CON-010.

The Hong Kong International Jewellery Show 4th-8th March 2015

L'Cally Jewel new fine jewellery show at Booth 1CON-010 Designer Galleria.

“Modern design at first glance, with touch of retro and vintage on further look. The figure is subtle and humble, yet leaving rooms for imagination. The craftsmanship is meticulous and flawless. Each piece is an art of its own.” Dr KL Tsang - Hong Kong



“Gifted, talented, Cally conceptualises and creates some of the most aesthetically rewarding pieces of hand crafted work that has to be seen and worn to be believed. Thoughtful, emotional, pretty and elegant comes to mind upon viewing the fantastic collections from this wonderful artist.” Judy Chan, IT specialist - U.K.



“It is a specialization web. Special design for different stories, fresh idea. Cally has a reputation for innovation, excellence in product quality and value, operational execution and talent.”  Loretta Ng – Garment Merchandiser from a U.S. Buying Office



“I feel blessed to have met such a talented designer, your creations were filled with love and passion! I hope my ring will truly "Fly with Me" to find my endless love!”  Helen Chan – Pharmacist - Hong Kong



"Each product looks like an artwork; they are not only beautiful but also have special meaning. Good work!” Ming Chan – IT Specialist – Hong Kong



" Very talented designer with passion and unique ideas. Products are elegant and modern that can be used everyday.” Maria Yu – Art Lover - Hong Kong



“That's a very fancy jewelry, every product have their own story. Which is my selected reason.'' Hidy Poon – Art Lover – Hong Kong